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What does your trade mark say to others? Is it PSCHITT?

By Sarah Chatterley.

Be careful when you pick a name that it doesn’t mean something entirely different in another country. Could your trade mark be the cause of confusion or hilarity abroad?

When you are in the process of selecting a new trade mark for your product or service, consider checking out its meaning in other languages, using an on-line foreign language dictionary, or run it past foreign friends and colleagues. Some trade marks or advertising slogans have caused difficulty (or hilarity) through having totally unexpected meanings or pronunciations abroad.

NOVA – for a car – this means “doesn’t go” in Spanish

PSCHITT! – the name for a soft drink in France doesn’t make it sound very nice in England

SILVER MIST – for a car – “MIST” means “dung” in German

COCK SOUP is available in this country for soup

A chocolate bar proudly announces that it contains BIG NUTS

POXY appears on the advertising for floor coverings – I am sure they are really very good!

For advice about choosing a good trade mark for your products, contact Sarah Chatterley on 01788 547 389.

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