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Start-ups homepage

Starting up a new business venture is exciting and challenging. It’s important to get the right advice at the right time to help you make the correct decisions for your new business.

Here at Coulson & Rule we understand that you need information about all areas of intellectual property (IP) to help you protect your new products, your new brand name and your logos. You also need to think about the intellectual property rights (IPR) of third parties to make sure that you won’t be treading on the toes of another business. That’s why we’ve provided a series of separate articles on our website about different IP related topics that we hope will provide you with helpful information.

We appreciate that juggling everything on a shoe string budget may make you feel apprehensive about speaking to a lawyer, worring about the costs you may be incurring. That’s why at Coulson & Rule we offer an initial consultation (usually about 30 minutes) that is free of charge so you can talk to an attorney, in person or by phone, and in confidence.

Ask us questions without worrying about the bill (there won’t be one).

Contact us to arrange a consultation and get to talk to a qualified and experienced IP professional about your ideas without worrying about costs. We will inform you and guide you about the processes involved, what to expect, what the timescales are and what the costs are likely to be. We’ll also fix our fees up front to give you the certainty you need.

Contact us on 01788 547389 or

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